MIOS Elettronica stands out for the quality of the service offered, which supports each project from the feasibility study to the realization of the solution, up to the after-sales service.

Feasibility Studies

The technical team supports customers from the initial stages, in order to identify suitable solutions and related implementation times and costs. Starting from the feasibility study, an activity plan is developed for the realization of the project. This is a particularly delicate step, especially in the case of solutions with a high degree of innovation and relevant investments.


MIOS develops solutions and devices in full compliance with the customers’ industrial standards, following strict controls and verification procedures. This ensures the complete respect of the initial specifications, throughout the whole design process to the qualification of the prototypes before go-live production.

System Integration

Modern industry requires an high level of flexibility and the possibility to combine various solutions in order to deliver integrated products. Our consolidated technical experience allows us to apply different technologies, integrating third-party tools or creating effective communication interfaces. All our devices are based on open technologies, making them easy for the end-consumer to use.


To manufacture our products we rely on qualified Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) provider which are selected after a thorough evaluation process. We have long term agreements which include continuous improvement policies, regular audits and dedicated training. Currently we have two EMS in Europe and one in North America.

Commissioning on-site support

Our engineers intervene on-site under all conditions, to ensure the proper commissioning of the tools provided and offer support after installation. Long-term service (up to 25 years) is in fact required in many cases, to avoid problems due to obsolescence and offer support throughout the product life cycle.


ADaCoS is a software platform developed by MIOS Elettronica to collect and monitor information from active tools on-site.
It is based on an open infrastructure, which can interface ADaCoS with the most common industry standards and tools. ADaCoS is configurable, independent from data sources and integrated with remote control solutions.

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