Assets Data Collection System for maintenance purpose

ADaCos is a software platform developed by MIOS Elettronica to collect and monitor information from assets. The main features are focused on running a real time diagnostic on the operations and on predicting service malfunctions. The performance based service allows quick and targeted actions that cut dramatically the costs in the operations and in the overall maintenance activities.


  • Works with any data, anywhere;
  • Easy to integrate with your existing IT infrastructure and soft ware like SAP, ORACLE, etc;
  • Easy to implement with algorithms for analysing streams of data;
  • It has a fault-tolerant high availability distributed architecture;
  • It offers a high scalability to accommodate big and small data volume


  • Better understanding of the condition of the existing assets improving the assets avalaibility and the workflow;
  • Root cause failure analysis of the assets and reduced no fault found;
  • Optimized preventive maintenance practices, e.g. reducing service parts inventory;
  • Data collection to support condition based and predictive maintenance;
  • Life cycle costing modelling to determine the status of an asset and related instructions to be replaced, repaired, or run to failure